January 2017

Happy 25th Anniversary To Us!

Yup, we started U. M. in 1992 and we’re still going (strong?). If memeory serves, the first batch of records for sale came from Sub Pop. The Muffs, Mudhoney, Gas Huffer and a couple of others started things off. The last couple of years have been kinda rough with all the moving we’ve had to do, but we continue to soldier on. So where’s the New Shit then? Well, hopefully 2017 will bring some to our door. If you’re a label or band with records that are in the ‘77 Punk vein, I’m all ears. Got some high-octane RnR ala Devil Dogs/Humpers? I’m all in. Garage? Could be. Power Pop? Probably not, unless it’s really stellar. Are you wholesaling your 7” for 5 or 6 bucks? No thanks. If I can't sell it for that much, it ain’t gonna sell and is pointless to even try. There's a good chance we’ll keep selling off the old stock at cheapo prices, so come look around every once in awhile and maybe you’ll find something. Rapid Pulse? That’s now 20 years old! No immediate plans for new releases, but ya never know... Happy New Year!

Many of the markdown titles have sold out and are gone for good, but there’s still plenty left in the regular 7” section. Happy Hunting!

Ok, the big sell off continues with another 40 + markdowns. Most a down to a buck! Once again, this isn't a bunch of crap that no one wants, it’s a bunch of good stuff that no one wants-at least not from me! Grab’em while they last! They are conveniently listed directly below.

Just listed 400 plus items on Discogs. Mostly cds right now, but I expect some vinyl to pop up soon enough. Anything you want, order from here and we'll both save a couple of bucks. Also there's a sale/sell-off going on right here. Below you’ll find 35 plus singles knocked down to $1. Is this crap that’s been gathering dust? Not a chance! This is really good stuff that’s been gathering dust for who knows what reason. Dig deep ‘cause amidst all the markdowns you’ll find the new ep by new faves The Shanghais!

Rapid Pulse is Back! Well, for 60 copies of a 7” we are. The brand new single from The Gaggers available now! We got a Limited Edition pressing of 60 copies. Of course it’s a killer! Check out the A-side and sleeve Now!

April 1, 2016 Just got in a batch or singles from the No Front Teeth hit factory. You can’t go wrong with any of them. Most have multiple sleeves.

Jan 1, 2016 Nothing new to report and currently I only ocassionally get anything new in. Everything listed is still available. I'm not saying it's a clearance, but once something sells out, it's gone for good. VERY few lp's left, so don't hesitate!

Don't Miss: Lovesores/Born Loose split 7”. You know these cats, right? If not, get on the stick! Ok, there’s a few new things to check out courtesy of our pals at the No Front Teeth hit factory. $5 each is a pretty insane price nowadays, so don’t hesitate. I also dropped the price on all the lp/10” stock, so have at it! Cheers!

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NEW SHIT! : seven inches

NEW SHIT! : Other

3.00 Botox Rats - LP
Modern Ceasers (Meaty Beaty) Straight up ‘77 style punk killers from England. The Botox Rats feature one of the snottiest, bile spitting singers ever. Pre-The Gaggers! Colored vinyl + a digital download, Yeah!

3.00 Fist City - LP
Hunting You (Dead Beat) Female fronted post-punk debut from California. Produced by Paul from the Myelin Sheaths.

3.00 Hjertestop - LP
Vi Ses i Helvede (Hjernespind) Splendid Danish punk-melodic & catchy.

3.00 Los Monjo - LP
La vida que todos envidian (Discos MMM) Great hardcore-ish Punk from Guadalajara. Sung in Spanish and catchy as hell/

8.00 Lovesores - LP
Bubblegum Riot ep (Rapid Pulse/No Front Teeth) 10”. When The Humpers broke up, not a lot of bands came along to challenge their awesomeness. A difficult task for sure. As it turns out, monumental! Scott “Deluxe” Drake and Jeff Fieldhouse, the Mick and Keith of the Humpers, took matters into their own hands and have created a more than worthy successor: The Lovesores! They come blasting out of Portland, Oregon with this 6-song 10”. Punk RocknRoll, Jack! Don't let the bubblegum in the title fool you, this is a complete Sonic Assault!!!

3.00 Manic Attracts - LP
Eyes Wide Shut (Dead Beat) A Vancouver band with members of Dead Ghost and others, crank out some melodic and catchy songs and bash the shit out of them!

3.00 Uzi Rash - LP
Whyte Rash Time (Dead Beat) Raw bashing weirdo noise. Click their name above to check out the sounds...