October 2016

The more recent markdowns are listed below, but plenty more in the the regular 7” section. Happy Hunting!

Ok, the big sell off continues with another 40 + markdowns. Most a down to a buck! Once again, this isn't a bunch of crap that no one wants, it’s a bunch of good stuff that no one wants-at least not from me! Grab’em while they last! They are conveniently listed directly below.

Just listed 400 plus items on Discogs. Mostly cds right now, but I expect some vinyl to pop up soon enough. Anything you want, order from here and we'll both save a couple of bucks. Also there's a sale/sell-off going on right here. Below you’ll find 35 plus singles knocked down to $1. Is this crap that’s been gathering dust? Not a chance! This is really good stuff that’s been gathering dust for who knows what reason. Dig deep ‘cause amidst all the markdowns you’ll find the new ep by new faves The Shanghais!

Rapid Pulse is Back! Well, for 60 copies of a 7” we are. The brand new single from The Gaggers available now! We got a Limited Edition pressing of 60 copies. Of course it’s a killer! Check out the A-side and sleeve Now!

April 1, 2016 Just got in a batch or singles from the No Front Teeth hit factory. You can’t go wrong with any of them. Most have multiple sleeves.

Jan 1, 2016 Nothing new to report and currently I only ocassionally get anything new in. Everything listed is still available. I'm not saying it's a clearance, but once something sells out, it's gone for good. VERY few lp's left, so don't hesitate!

Don't Miss: Lovesores/Born Loose split 7”. You know these cats, right? If not, get on the stick! Ok, there’s a few new things to check out courtesy of our pals at the No Front Teeth hit factory. $5 each is a pretty insane price nowadays, so don’t hesitate. I also dropped the price on all the lp/10” stock, so have at it! Cheers!

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NEW SHIT! : seven inches

1.00 Activations
Radio On/Attack/Get Back + 1 (Big Neck) Rippin’ Pittsburgh Punk! Greyish-blue vinyl.

3.00 Aerosol Burns
Afraid Of The Phone/(Your Love Is)Where I Go (Pogo Time) From the crew that brought you the great Chain Letters single from a couple of years ago comes a catchy punker featuring Matt Mayhem from the No Tomorrow Boys. A cracking debut and only 250 number copies!

3.00 Bold Chicken
A Fellow’s Lament/Street Walkin’ Queen + 2 (Lysergic Sound Distributors) Recorded in 1972/73, this is Buzz Clic pre-Rubber City Rebels. Very primitive, yet excellent proto-punk. Much along the same lines as the Gizmos. These tracks a rawer than the ones you’ll find on myspace (click the band name). Numbered edition of 350 copies in a jacket style sleeve.

1.00 Brandy Row
Dirty Street/The Drifter (No Front Teeth) England Gaggers member Brandy Row does the acoustic thing on The Drifter while on the flip he leads his 9-piece band The Truebadours. If Mo Front Teeth is putting out an acoustic record, you know it’s cool!

1.00 Burning Bush
As I Went Out One Morning + 2 (A Fistful of Records) Netherlands Don Howland’s North Carolina crew

3.00 Channel 3
Land of the Free/Make It Home ++++ (Hostage) Hostage Records does it again with the return of the legendary CH3! A 2-song 7” with a bonus 7/8-song California Driver’s License/Download. Everthing you could want from CH3: Punk rippers, singalong choruses and the return of Maria Montoya (You Make Me Feel Cheap) on an awesome Sonny & Cher cover! These could be the last copies you’ll find as the label is sold out!

1.00 Co´tus Int.
dead Excitement E.P. (Bunkerpop) Dutch post-punk from Utrecht. This is their 1980 ep reissued. Really nice package with several inserts-lyrics, photos, etc. On the Joy Division or Bauhaus side of things, but even more menacing.

2.00 Complaints*
*No Action (Modern Action) BACK IN STOCK!!! Single #4 from the Complaints* and it's another killer! S.F. garage PunknRoll. This is a 6-song, 33 rpm 7”. No Action is not a Elvis Costello cover, but Cranked Up Really High is Slaughter & The Dogs. On Modern Action, so you know it will be gone sooner than later...

4.00 Complaints*
*Falling Down (Complaints* Records & Tapes) BACK IN STOCK!!! Single #3. 250 numbered copies. 3-songs. That’s it.

2.00 Cute Lepers
No Escape/Black Market Lepers 00 (No Front Teeth) England New Lepers is pretty much the same as old Lepers-Great! 2nd press on Lime green vinyl. 2 diff sleeves.

4.00 DIALS
School Girl/Nervous (Secret Mission) Co-release with Mangrove in Japan, so only 200 of these made it to the States. Japanese garage RnR. Yes, they just may have heard a Teengenerate or Registrators record or two.

2.00 Friends Of Dorothy
No Sex On Paul Fashion Street (Ken Rock) Sweden The new band from the leader singer of Henry Fiat’s Open Sore. To quote the great Mr. Ken Rock "Paul fashion the singer sing the way he do and kenrock love it and so do you". Not as insane as HFOS, it’s more melodic, but still aggressive. 4-songs, 300 copies only!!

1.00 Hussy
Stab Me + 3 (Eradicator) One of this year’s “it” bands. Wisconsin garage two-piece. Nice sleeve.

2.00 Lee Van Cleef
Virgen Por Delante, Martir Por Detras (Blondes Must Die) Spain From Ferrol Spain, Lee Van Cleef rip thru some melodic Ramonesy garage punk with snotty vocals. Super-nice sleeve with insert and it’s a numbered edition of 150 copies.

1.00 Loose Values
Tallest Bike In Town + 2 (Snackreligious) Described as a psycho Alice Cooper meets the Butthole Surfers. I'd add in some UK post-punk d.i.y. too. Demented and menacing. From Portland, OR. Limited to 300 copies with silk screened cardboard sleeves.

1.00 Manic Attracts
Shut It/Teenage Teenage (Yakisakana) France From Vancouver, but they sound more like they could be from Montreal. A bit more fierce though.

1.00 Marvelous Darlings
The Swords, The Streets/Galloway (Wall Ride) 2 more gems from the M.D.’s

1.00 Matt K. Shrugg
We Were D.O.A. (Tic Tac Totally) Really good rockin’ sometimes trasy punk. Nice cardboard jacket style sleeve. Includes download card.

3.00 Midnight Persuasion, The
Modern Vibrations/Blind Side + Need An Answer (No Front Teeth) England Debut single including members of Modern Action and The Shifters. I think that pretty much tells you all you need to know...

1.00 Moscow Moscow Moscow
Hammer, Sickles, and Girls (Eradicator) 3 songs of lofi space-age instrumentals and 1 trashy punk shouter. Numbered edition of 100 copies on red vinyl! 2 different super-nice sleeves available. This is so sweet....

1.00 Mr. California & The Flintstone Sound Express
Crazy Toons (Ken Rock) Sweden Another 11 songs from Mr. C. with a full band on this record. Includes two members of Long Beach's Shoot It Up

1.00 Mr. California And The State Police
Pornotopia (Ken Rock) Sweden 6 new tracks from Mr. C. Since this is a family website, I’ll resist listing song titles such as Jerk Me Off, He Wants To Lick Your Ass and Wet Pussy. Thank You.

2.00 Needles//Pins
Outa This Place/Date Night (You Bring The Napalm) (La-Ti-Da) Canada Another great one from Needles//Pins and La-Ti-Da. Includes a free download card.

2.00 No Tomorrow Boys
Teen-Age Vice/I Go Ape + Other Girls (Eli’s Mile High) NTB’s elusive 3rd 7” (elusive for me anyway). Of course, it's a total killer featuring their rippin’ Neil Sedaka cover! Grab your switchblade and check out their super cool video for the title track

1.00 Perennials
My Side Of The Mountain + 2 (Eradicator) Midwest garage pop from members of Half Rats and The Mans. Debut 7”, 400 copies, silk screened sleeves.

1.00 Pink Reason
Ache For You/Darken Daze (Savage Quality) Hadn't heard from these guys in years. Raw garage damaged punk from Wisconsin.

1.00 React!
Sounds That I’ve Heard/Only Living For You (La-Ti-Da) Canada The React! are from Vancouver an play sixties garage, slight psych. Part of 5 La-Ti-Da 2 song singles released Sept. 2012. Includes a free download card. Collect them all! (I’m not really sure if the exclamation point is really part of their name. They don’t seem to use it all the time, but it’s on the record.)

3.00 Riots
One Seven Wonders (Time For Action) Another smash hit single from The Riots! Here’s the A-Side

2.00 Rough Kids
Into The ‘00’s/So Sophisticated (Margin Mouth) Back in stock!! Very ‘77ish punk from Los Angeles. Excellent!

2.00 Rough Kids
Why So Serious? + Going Blank/Can’t Stand You (Rough Records) Their brilliant first single! L.A. channels London for some killer ‘77 sounds!

2.00 Sensibles
Open Book ep (Sensibles Records and Tapes) Italy Female fronted Powerpop from Italy. Numbered edition of 300 copies. This version is out of print and a non-numbered repress is coming. Eccellente!

2.00 Shattered Faith
Power To The Kids + 2 (Hostage) It's hard to imagine a band putting out their 2nd single almost 35 years after their first could manage anything this great. But God Damn they’ve done it! Red vinyl with typical awesome Hostage packaging. Power to the grand kids!

3.00 Sick Thoughts
Aborted World/G.O.O.M.F. (No Front Teeth) England What’s this, their 20th 7”? Clear sleeve version of 100 copies.

2.00 Sugar Stems
Greatest Pretender/Like I Do (Certified PR) Here we have the A-sides of their 2 recent Certified PR singles put onto one brand new single. Too cool! 200 numbered copies on purple vinyl.

3.00 T.I.T.S
I Told You I Was Sick/Kashmere Trap (Polly Maggoo) France French Punk/Garage/Noise etc. featuring members of the Fatals, Feeling of Love, and newest member Lili Z! (though she's not on this record. Check it out here.

2.00 Tumor Warlord
Subway Gas Attack + 3 (Ken Rock) Sweden Turbonegro meets Lost Sounds? Heavy punk with mean keyboards. 300 copies only.

1.00 Brimstone Howl / Hell Shovel
(Certified PR) A pounding psych stomper from the Howl. Also on the psych side of things the Shovel add some melody, lose some stomp. Purplely grey vinyl.

1.00 Drugs Dragons / STATIC EYES
Split (Dusty Medical) The latest from Tony Sagger’s Drugs Dragons meets up with the trash of Static Eyes (check ‘em out here)

2.00 Ladykillers / Los Pepes
Split (No Front Teeth) England Two great new bands from London UK. RocknRoll Punk meets Garage powerpop.

2.00 Mascara Nites / The Poor Choices
Tiger Lily Split 45 (Shake!) Canada Girl Punk from Victoria, BC. All-women for the Choices and female fronted for the Nites. A co-release with No Front Teeth and it’s in one of their fancy see-through sleeves on colored vinyl. Two tracks each.

3.00 Miscalculations / Neon Knives
24 Hours of Cancer (No Front Teeth) England London meets South Carolina with 2 songs each on this scorcher!

3.00 Modern Action / Swingin' Utters
Modern Action) Two Great Bands That Go Great Together! 450 copy edition out of print.

NEW SHIT! : Other

3.00 Botox Rats - LP
Modern Ceasers (Meaty Beaty) Straight up ‘77 style punk killers from England. The Botox Rats feature one of the snottiest, bile spitting singers ever. Pre-The Gaggers! Colored vinyl + a digital download, Yeah!

3.00 Fist City - LP
Hunting You (Dead Beat) Female fronted post-punk debut from California. Produced by Paul from the Myelin Sheaths.

3.00 Hjertestop - LP
Vi Ses i Helvede (Hjernespind) Splendid Danish punk-melodic & catchy.

3.00 Los Monjo - LP
La vida que todos envidian (Discos MMM) Great hardcore-ish Punk from Guadalajara. Sung in Spanish and catchy as hell/

8.00 Lovesores - LP
Bubblegum Riot ep (Rapid Pulse/No Front Teeth) 10”. When The Humpers broke up, not a lot of bands came along to challenge their awesomeness. A difficult task for sure. As it turns out, monumental! Scott “Deluxe” Drake and Jeff Fieldhouse, the Mick and Keith of the Humpers, took matters into their own hands and have created a more than worthy successor: The Lovesores! They come blasting out of Portland, Oregon with this 6-song 10”. Punk RocknRoll, Jack! Don't let the bubblegum in the title fool you, this is a complete Sonic Assault!!!

3.00 Manic Attracts - LP
Eyes Wide Shut (Dead Beat) A Vancouver band with members of Dead Ghost and others, crank out some melodic and catchy songs and bash the shit out of them!

3.00 Uzi Rash - LP
Whyte Rash Time (Dead Beat) Raw bashing weirdo noise. Click their name above to check out the sounds...