26 October, 2014

Three new ones from Hostage Records. Absolutely Manditory! Though I know I didn't really have to tell you that...

(Oct 5, 2014) A buncha new shit in from No Front Teeth Records and you need every one!

(Sept 28, 2014) The updates are slow coming these days. New things added here and there. Remember, just 'cause it didn't come out this week doesn't mean it's not worthy of a spot in your collection. There's plenty of older stuff to dig through! More cd's up on Discogs Order thru here and save us both some $.

(August 24, 2014) All right! We’re back in action-for the most part anyway. There’s some new singles below to check out-new to us anyway. So dig in!

(June 1, 2014) We are currently closed. Ok, here’s the deal. We’re moving again. This time back to Connecticut. If all goes well, we’ll have a place to live and room for records and be back in action around July 1. If things don’t go well and the records have to go into storage, it could be months. We’ll be back one way or another , just not sure when. Until then, enjoy the summer!

(May 1, 2014) The updates will most likely be sporatic the rest of the year. They’ll pop up occassionally, but nothing like the old days. More cd's up on Discogs. Click the link directly below to check ‘em out. Cool new 45’s in from two great labels this time out. La-Ti-Da and Secret Mission.

(March 20, 2014) As the recent New Shit continues to fly off the shelves and get restocked on a daily basis (I grab handfuls of new releases, take them off the shelf and put them back the next day. I’m trying to trick myself into thinking that someone’s actually buying them!), we add another 5 singles and a shitload of used cds that you can view at Discogs. Don’t buy them there though, get them here and save at least 50 cents or a dollar on everything.

(Feb 27 2014) 3 new sevens and a ten inch available now. We Are The Mods!

(Feb 7, 2014) 5 new singles and 2 new lp's listed below-Killers All!

(Jan 17, 2014) I'm not usually a fan of novelty/goof records, but the Pukes are really cool! Check out the video for their Cock Sparrer cover.

(Jan 12, 2014) Another batch of Killer KBD type reissues. All Canadian Classics!

(Jan 2, 2014) It’s a new year and we’re well over due for an update. So here ya go! More reissue type 7”s coming shortly...

(Nov 19, 2013) Three Excellent 7”ers available now! MOTO and The Kidnappers on the great new label Secret Mission Records and Visio , a long lost unreleased KBD gem from Finland.

(Nov 6, 2013) Well this update was a long time coming. What we lack in quantity is more than made up for in quality. New releases from The Riots, Lovesores, Wild Emotions, Ramma Lamma and a new lp from Miss Chain and The Broken Heels!

(Oct 5, 2013) Not a lot to report except to let you know the JunK 7” is sold out!

New Shit in from Ken Rock, Certified PR and don’t forget to scroll down for Dime Runner’s great lp on Black Vinyl Ltd.

The Stitches/The Gaggers 7" on colored vinyl is sold out!

Check out the new Rapid Pulse releases and a few old ones Here. The Crazy Squeeze white vinyl is sold out...

(8/28/13) Available Now! Three new Rapid Pulse titles: The Crazy Squeeze, The Junk, and a split from The Stitches and The Gaggers. Greg Lonesome from the Rock & Roll Manifesto says this is the best Stitches track since 8x12”. Who am I to argue? The Gaggers back it up with what is pretty much their theme song. The JunK’s third single is a complete Monster! It’s their first release with new singer Riky Barnes, formally of The Pushers. This brings us to latest from The Crazy Squeeze. One track is from their recent lp and the flip is an amazing cover of The Boys classic Terminal Love! Get all three regular versions at the bargain price of $18 ppd in the U.S. Buy them individually and pay through the nose!

We finally joined Facebook. Stop by and like it so the number’s not quite so embarrassing. It will be easier to update that page as soon as new shit arrives and post record covers etc. Does anyone care about Twitter? If you do, you can follow at @umedjim and maybe I'll start posting new arrivals and whatever other crap. If there’s not much interest, I won’t bother...

Remember, new records are added weekly, as we get them, not in a single update like the old days...

NEW SHIT! : seven inches

5.00 Channel 3
History/Kicked In The Teeth (Hostage) The legendary CH3's second single for Hostage. The A-side is the classic CH3 sound and the flip is a massive cover of AC/DC!

6.00 Crazy Squeeze
Younger Girl/Terminal Love (Rapid Pulse/No Front Teeth) We got a few Back In Stock! As above on limited white vinyl in special cellophane “Ape” sleeve. Check it out on the Rapid Pulse Page

5.00 Drips
Fountains/Destroy The Chemistry (Hostage) The Drips recorded this 12 years ago and just dug it up. Classic Hostage/SoCal punk sound. Pre-The Bronx/El Mariachi Bronx.

6.50 Gaggers
Sharp Lies/Hostage (Damaged Goods) Another single from The Gaggers and another 2 new killer cuts. What more can be said? Milky/clear vinyl

5.00 Garden
Struggle In Front Of Sector 27/Crystal Clear (Hostage) This is the first I've heard of The Garden though they seem to be very popular. A major coup for Hostage! I'll let Rick describe them for you: THIS AIN’T YOUR DADS PUNK, THIS IS THE MODERN AGE AND THE MODERN ANSWER. WHAT DEVO WAS TO JOURNEY, WHAT JOY DIVISION WAS TO THE CULTURE CLUB AND WHAT KILLING JOKE WAS TO DEPECHE MODE, THIS IS TO WHAT YOU ARE CURRENTLY LISTENING TO...IN OTHER WORDS, IT DESTROYS YOUR COMFORT ZONE.

6.50 Miscalculations
A Silent Defence/Clairvoyant Stare (No Front Teeth) England Brand new (oct 2014) from the Miscalcs and it's another pair of smash hits!

6.50 Nasty Rumours
Rats In A Wheel/Wanna Be On Top (No Front Teeth) England Debut 7" from Bern, Switzerland. They indulge in good old English-style‚ 70’s punk rock featuring members of The Strapones, Tight Finks and The Fuckadies.

6.50 Plain Dealers
Don't Pull The Plug/Chainsaw (No Front Teeth) England Quite possibly my favorite band at the moment. Snotty Punk Rock from Cleveland featuring the vocals ex-Teenage Knockouts singer Chic. The A-side here is a version of the TKO's first 7" from roundabout '95 (which is shockingly still kicking around for pretty cheap).

5.50 Secta Suicida
S/T EP (Discos MMM) Killer melodic Punk/core from Bogota, Columbia. Not far from first lp Adolescents if they sung in Spanish (includes lyric sheet). Super ice full-color sleeve. 4 songs. 300 copies of which only 135 made it to the States.

6.50 Sex Crime
All Systems No/She's Got (No Reason To Dance) (No Front Teeth) England Super Catchy Melodic Organ Fueled Male/Female Vocal Punk Greatness!

6.50 Stalin Video
Vivisektion ep (No Front Teeth) England Members of The Gaggers and Now In 3D team up for a SynthPunk Snotfest! A little bit of the Spits, a little Screamers, and a lot of Gaggers. 5-song, one-sided 7".

7.00 T.I.T.S
I Told You I Was Sick/Kashmere Trap (Polly Maggoo) France French Punk/Garage/Noise etc. featuring members of the Fatals, Feeling of Love, and newest member Lili Z! (though she's not on this record. Check it out here.

6.50 Bleach Boys / Ministers Dead
Split 7“ (No Front Teeth) England Original 77 Punk The Bleach Boys are back and they don't disappoint! Ministers Dead is a newer band that brings their punk with a bit more heaviness/Rock.

7.50 Stitches / Gaggers
Split (Rapid Pulse) We got a few Back In Stock! What we have here is a Without You, a completely unreleased track from The Stitches that is so good it will have you asking “How is it possible that this was left in the can”? On the flip is one of the best newer bands around, London’s Gaggers with what is pretty much their theme song-Gag On This. Blue Cowgirl sleeve is pink or yellow vinyl-while they last... Check it out on the Rapid Pulse Page

NEW SHIT! : Other

5.00 Botox Rats - LP
Modern Ceasers (Meaty Beaty) Straight up ‘77 style punk killers from England. The Botox Rats feature one of the snottiest, bile spitting singers ever. Pre-The Gaggers! Colored vinyl + a digital download, Yeah!

12.50 Brain Tumors - LP
S/T (Dead Beat) Brutal, Punishing, Knock you on your ass Hardcore from Minneapolis.

10.50 Crazy Squeeze - LP
S/T (Vinyl Dog) It's finally out, the debut lp from The Crazy Squeeze! 12 great tracks that span tough Pub-Rock to near powerpop with punk and glam in between. All with an underlying love of The Boys.

11.50 Curtains! - LP
Deep In Night City (Dead Beat) Maybe it’s because I rarely listen to this kinda stuff that it sounds so cool or maybe it’s just a great record. From Chicago, they create some serious Birthday Party, Chrome, Bauhaus type sounds. Colored vinyl

9.00 Escalator Haters - LP
I Do The Pop 10” (No Front Teeth) England This is a Ten Inch Record! Good Melodic ‘77 Punkers from Switzerland. 8-songs.

12.50 Fadeaways - LP
Raw, Wild & Wretched! (Dead Beat) From Tokyo, The Fadeaways blast out 10 tracks of snotty garage punk! Supercharger and the Mummies meet the Registrators and Teengenerate, but not lofi.

11.50 Fist City - LP
Hunting You (Dead Beat) Female fronted post-punk debut from California. Produced by Paul from the Myelin Sheaths.

11.50 Gestapo Khazi - LP
S/T (Dead Beat) Mid-tempo rockers from Long Beach, CA with some dark twang. Most reviews I see mention the Gun Club and it’s hard to deny that, though they’re certainly not copyists. 6-songs 45 rpms.

11.50 Heartbeeps - LP
My Bones Are Tattooed (Dead Beat) Another Punk Scalder from France. Debut lp for the former TV Killers. Album cover of the year!

12.00 Hjertestop - LP
Vi Ses i Helvede (Hjernespind) Splendid Danish punk-melodic & catchy.

11.50 Los Monjo - LP
La vida que todos envidian (Discos MMM) Great hardcore-ish Punk from Guadalajara. Sung in Spanish and catchy as hell/

9.00 Lovesores - LP
Bubblegum Riot ep (Rapid Pulse/No Front Teeth) 10”. When The Humpers broke up, not a lot of bands came along to challenge their awesomeness. A difficult task for sure. As it turns out, monumental! Scott “Deluxe” Drake and Jeff Fieldhouse, the Mick and Keith of the Humpers, took matters into their own hands and have created a more than worthy successor: The Lovesores! They come blasting out of Portland, Oregon with this 6-song 10”. Punk RocknRoll, Jack! Don't let the bubblegum in the title fool you, this is a complete Sonic Assault!!!

11.50 Manic Attracts - LP
Eyes Wide Shut (Dead Beat) A Vancouver band with members of Dead Ghost and others, crank out some melodic and catchy songs and bash the shit out of them!

12.50 Miscalculations - LP
S/T (Dead Beat) Featuring members from the Gaggers, Disco Lepers, the Ladykillers and the Electric Cocks. Melodic, catchy Punk with some poppier and new wavey sounds. Stellar!

12.00 Miss Chain and The Broken Heels - LP
Dawn (Dusty Medical) The latest (2nd lp) from the Italian stars. So good! 11-songs, 300 copies only.

11.00 Modern Pets - LP
S/T (Modern Action) Snotty Punk/really fast powerpop from Germany. 12-songs, green vinyl. Excellent!

12.50 Moralens Väktare - LP
S/T (Dead Beat) Killer Punk Rock from Stockholm, Sweden! 12 tracks of ‘77 meets Bloodstains meets Right Now! Probably my favorite release since the Sharp Objects lp. Includes covers of the Hot Rods and ‘Dolls sung in Swedish.

16.00 RAF - LP
Come On! (Time For Action) Debut 10’ from the Portland Mod Revival revival band. Killer stuff on the punk side of mod. If you’re into bands like The Chords, The Purple Hearts, The Jolt, The Circles and modernists like The Riots, these guys are for you! And me... Check out their very cool video

11.00 Sugar Stems - LP
Can’t Wait (Screaming Apple) Germany Brilliant new lp by Milwaukee’s Sugar Stems. Sterling female fronted pop! Limited red vinyl may be available...

12.50 TRMRS - LP
Sea Things (Dead Beat) From California, garage along the lines of Black Lips or Brimstone Howl with the occasional surf guitar tossed in.

12.50 Uzi Rash - LP
Whyte Rash Time (Dead Beat) Raw bashing weirdo noise. Click their name above to check out the sounds...

15.00 V/A Ruling The World From The Backseat - LP
A Tribute To Unnatural Axe (Lawless) 27 artists worldwide covering the beer-guzzling, foot-stomping, fist-pumping, ear splitting, brain tumor-dislodging punk classics of Unnatural Axe. Includes The Neighborhoods, Mission of Burma, The Sleazies, Classic Ruins, Dogmatics, The Queers, UFO Dictatorz, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Nasties, Rev. Norb, and lots more. A double album on two different vinyl colors, full-color cover and insert (which look awesome), and a card for a free download of the whole thing. All that and it’s only 500 numbered copies. Click on title or label name for full details...

12.00 V/A Shake! It Up Vol. 1 - LP
(Shake!) Canada Great comp of bands mostly from western Canada: The Jolts, Greenback High, Durban Poison, Headons, Mascara Nites, The Frostbacks, Shitty Neighbours, The Poor Choices, Electric Empress, and New Tricks. Awesome packaging and limited coloured vinyl. Plus it spins at 45 which makes me happy.

11.50 Vomit Squad - LP
Amon Ra Bless America (Psychic Handshake) Canada KBD/Angry Samoans/Gizmos all come to mind at first listen to this excellent 6-song 12”. Straight ahead punk rock from King Kahn, Choyce, and others from the Spaceshits, Daylight Lovers, Sexareenos, Red Mass etc. etc. crew. Marble dark purple vinyl with lyric sheet insert.