July 2016

Just listed 400 plus items on Discogs. Mostly cds right now, but I expect some vinyl to pop up soon enough. Anything you want, order from here and we'll both save a couple of bucks. Also there's a sale/sell-off going on right here. Below you’ll find 35 plus singles knocked down to $1. Is this crap that’s been gathering dust? Not a chance! This is really good stuff that’s been gathering dust for who knows what reason. Dig deep ‘cause amidst all the markdowns you’ll find the new ep by new faves The Shanghais!

Rapid Pulse is Back! Well, for 60 copies of a 7” we are. The brand new single from The Gaggers available now! We got a Limited Edition pressing of 60 copies. Of course it’s a killer! Check out the A-side and sleeve Now!

April 1, 2016 Just got in a batch or singles from the No Front Teeth hit factory. You can’t go wrong with any of them. Most have multiple sleeves.

Jan 1, 2016 Nothing new to report and currently I only ocassionally get anything new in. Everything listed is still available. I'm not saying it's a clearance, but once something sells out, it's gone for good. VERY few lp's left, so don't hesitate!

Don't Miss: Lovesores/Born Loose split 7”. You know these cats, right? If not, get on the stick! Ok, there’s a few new things to check out courtesy of our pals at the No Front Teeth hit factory. $5 each is a pretty insane price nowadays, so don’t hesitate. I also dropped the price on all the lp/10” stock, so have at it! Cheers!

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NEW SHIT! : seven inches

6.00 Aerosol Burns
Afraid Of The Phone/(Your Love Is)Where I Go (Pogo Time) From the crew that brought you the great Chain Letters single from a couple of years ago comes a catchy punker featuring Matt Mayhem from the No Tomorrow Boys. A cracking debut and only 250 number copies!

1.00 Alicja-Pop
I Play The Fool/Water Death (Certified PR) Maybe some of you were disappointed with the Alicja-Pop debut, not expecting the lilting pop of that record. Fear not, this is much more rockin’. No Lost Sounds type screams, but completely brilliant nonetheless. I Play The Fool.

1.00 Alicja-Pop
Shining Apple/Walking The Cow (Certified PR) Don’t look for the fierce Alicja here. A-side is atmospheric synth-pop perhaps somewhat similar to Mazzy Star or Lush. B-side is keyboard driven again, but this time more upbeat pop on this Daniel Johnston cover (I’ve never heard the original, but I can’t imagine it’s anywhere near as good as this). This woman can do no wrong. Numbered edition of 400 copies.

6.50 Bad Mojos
Punx Faggots Freaks ep (No Front Teeth) England 7 songs from Switzerland’s answer to The Spits. Very cool.

1.00 Bruiser Queen
In Your Room/Ms. Everything (Certified PR) Punky Garage Pop two-piece from St. Louis. On Purple vinyl with download card. Check out the video for In Your Room: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2yIKyFpBUk

6.50 Cold Callers
Alright Girl/Spying On Me (Wanda) Germany Didn’t see any good links to these guys, but they’re another in a endless line of Gaggers offshoots. This time out a more pop sound, but you can only get so pop with Marco’s vocals.

1.00 Complaints*
*Secrets (Meaty Beaty) Like everything else on this label, it’s excellent punknroll! Includes members of the Radio Reelers, Swingin’ Utters, Lowdowns, others I’m sure... 4-songs, Grey vinyl/jacket style sleeve.

1.00 Cyclops
Eye Can’t Take It + 2 (Bachelor) Austria Tina Bobbyteen/Trashwomen etc and Jonny Cat from the Triggers/Chemicals do the 2-piece guitar and drums thing.Numbered edition of 500 copies.

1.00 Dead Ringers
It sounds loud and fast to me, it must be Dead Ringers (Gimme Danger) Four songs of Stitches-esque snot-punk, perhaps a notch or two faster. Blue vinyl in jacket style sleeve.

1.00 Francis Harold & The Holograms
Hang The Goat/Invisible Empire (Going Underground) Mean, scarey, pummeling, noise, distruction from Arizona. Not for the faint of heart! Green vinyl

7.00 Gaggers
Don't Follow Me/100 Miles Per Hour (Rapid Pulse) The Gaggers are back! Here’s a brand new single from the original line-up. It may not be their hardest, fastest or punkest record, but Goddamn if it’s not their best! This Rapid Pulse version is in a unique and very cool transparent sleeve. There’s a total of only 60 copies of this fucker! LISTEN!

1.00 Greenback High
Bombs Away/All Of Us Or None (Greenback High) Canada From Vancouver, BC, featuring members of D.O.A., The Jolts and others. Good Punky Power Pop RocknRoll type stuff. Numbered edition of 330 copies.

1.00 Jay Vons
Night (Was Stealing From The Sun)/Days Undone (La-Ti-Da) Canada Terrific classic sounding Mod/Soul from Brooklyn. Includes download card. If the above band like doesn’t work, try Here

1.00 Johnny Ill Band
Post Office/Mark Is In The Car With My Dad (Dusty Medical) For a quick review and pic of the sleeve, click here Check it out for yourself right here

1.00 Jolts
Kaminari Lover/Loser (Baby I’m A) (Meaty Beaty) Garagey RnR punk from Canada. Another hit for Meaty Beaty! Yellow vinyl & a download card. Super-nice full-color jacket style sleeve.

1.00 Kepi & Friends
T. Rex Trax (Lawless) Kepi Ghoulie, Kevin Seconds, Vic Ruggiero, and Greg & Shanti cover T.Rex! Numbered edition of 600 on lollipop yellow vinyl. Great cartoon cover art.

1.00 Let’s Dance
Summer Breeze/Today + Bodies (Longshot Music) From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This is from a few years ago. A poppy punk A-side and two rippers on the flip including a cover of the Sex Pistols-Bodies. Sick packaging! Extremely cool red/blue split colored vinyl in a printed inner sleeve/lyric sheet. This also includes a poster and 3d glasses because the super-nice jacket style sleeve is in fact, in 3d. This is an obscenely low price!

1.00 Let’s Dance
X-Ray Eyes/Calling All Cars + 2 (Meaty Beaty) Canadian PunknPowerPop on spectacular splatter vinyl with postcard and insert in a full-color jacket style sleeve.

1.00 Manatees
Earworm ep (Ken Rock) Sweden Memphis boys that of course have been in a bunch of other bands. Jack Oblivian produces. In a spray painted sleeve.

1.00 Moscow Moscow Moscow
Fans of Stalin Show Your Bottom + 4 (Eradicator) Raw somewhat amateurish surf. Some songs are instros, others have vocals. From Indiana.

6.50 Nasty Rumours
All Alone/T & M (No Front Teeth) England Their third 7” of killer powerpop / punk in the vein of The Boys / Buzzcocks.

1.00 Nervous Tics
Stupid Little Heart (Meaty Beaty) BACK IN STOCK! Debut Punk RnR release from ex-members of Radio Reelers, Beltones, Killer’s Kiss... Sounds like the Trust Fund Babies with keyboards! 3-songs on orangey/peachy colored vinyl in a very cool jacket style sleeve.

1.00 NVs
Trust Fun Suicide EP (Big Neck) Garage Punk RocknRoll with female vocals from D.C.Check out the ep here: http://tnvdc.bandcamp.com/album/trust-fun-suicide-ep Debut on colored vinyl.

6.50 Poison Boys
Headed For Disaster + 2 (No Front Teeth) England PunkRnR/Glam from Chicago

1.00 Porcharitas
Get Wasted With... (Vertical House) Really Good and Fun garagey girl-punk from Alabama. 4-songs

1.00 Pukes
S/T ep (Damaged Goods) 15 or so women playing old punk songs on ukuleles may sound pretty dumb, but it’s actually a pretty cool record! One original + Cock Sparrer, Menace and Elton Motello (or whatever the original Jet Boy Jet Girl is) covers. Free download code.

Akta Dig ep (Ken Rock) Sweden A new band playing old style Swedish hardcore. These guys make Off! sound like prog rock! If you have 75 seconds to spare, click on the band name and hear the entire 5 song ep. The longest track is an epic 21 secs.

1.00 Radioactivity
Danger/Why (Secret Mission) Mark and Jeff from the Marked Men. This is the 1st press of 500 copies which is already out of print.

1.00 Ramma Lamma
Big Street Time/True Life Stories (FDH) The 2nd excellent single from the Lammas! Ryan on vocals for side one, Wendy sings on the flip. 500 copies. Includes a free download.

Tear It In Two/Pinckney St. (Florida’s Dying) Terrific punky pop from Minneapolis-spring 2011

1.00 Recordettes
Candy Store ep (No Front Teeth) England Debut from Brooklyn’s Recordettes. 2 girls/2 guys play fun garage pop new wave. 3 songs, includes download card.

1.00 RF7
Acts of Defiance (Puke‘n’Vomit) Originally released in February of 1980, this is RF7’s debut finally reissued. 4 tracks of early L.A. punk much closer to the Weirdos then the Socal hardcore they are most well known for. Includes: Acts of Defiance, No One To Trust, Chainsaw Love Affair and Grey Air. Remastered by Earle Mankey.

1.00 Ruleta Rusa
Me Dan Asco (Modern Action) Black vinyl version. Only 300 pressed

6.00 Shanghais
Fall In Love with ep (Endless Daze) 3/4 female girl-group garage pop from the bay area-CA. 4-songs that are upbeat, catchy, and a little trashy. Includes a Scavengers-NZ cover. Great sleeve too!

6.50 Sick Thoughts
Aborted World/G.O.O.M.F. (No Front Teeth) England What’s this, their 20th 7#146;? Clear sleeve version of 100 copies.

1.00 Soda Pop Kids
Stomp & Shout!/Santa Monica Pearls (Meaty Beaty) Super catchy A-side pop with a crunchier flip. Insane clear splatter vinyl! Beautiful full-color jacket style sleeve.

1.00 Stiffs
Extreemager/Laugh In My Face (Anti Guays) Spain Old English punk band reunite with all original members for their first single since 1981. The a-side’s on the mod/pop side of things, whereas the flip is more of an anthemic rocker.

4.00 T.I.T.S
I Told You I Was Sick/Kashmere Trap (Polly Maggoo) France French Punk/Garage/Noise etc. featuring members of the Fatals, Feeling of Love, and newest member Lili Z! (though she's not on this record. Check it out here.

1.00 Tortured Tongues
Let Me Down/Feed The Flys + To Death (Hozac) The 2nd single from Harrisburg, PA's kings of Scuz! Think a more damgaged Clone Defects.

1.00 Visio
30.07.1992 (Self-Released) Great old Finnish punk from 1992 that I would have guessed was recorded 10 or more years earlier. A very KBD pre-hardcore sound-click on the band name for a track. All liner notes /lyrics are in Finnish. Thick vinyl and thick sleeve. I'm pretty sure it’s all ready out of print.

1.00 Wet Bags
Down By The Docks/All Bones + 1 (Ken Rock) Sweden Swedish younsters bash out 3 rocknslop gems. Their debut record and it’s only 300 numbered copies.

1.00 Wild Ones
Day Drunk/Come Around (La-Ti-Da) Canada All-girl 60’s Garage Pop from Santa Cruz, CA. Includes free download card.

1.00 Yes Mistress
Drunk Again ep (Ken Rock) Sweden The 2nd killer 7" from these guys. Bring on some more!

1.00 Avenue Rose / Let‘s Dance
(Provincial State) Avenue Rose = Glam Pop RnR Punk from Olympia, WA...Let’s Dance = Snotty Powerpop Punk Canadians. Nice white/yellow splatter vinyl in a jacket style sleeve with insert.

1.00 Botox Rats / DEAD RINGERS
(Meaty Beaty) It’s London vs. San Francisco in a split between two great snotty punk rock bands! Pearl white vinyl with a printed inner sleeve in a jacket style sleeve.

6.50 Miscalculations / Neon Knives
24 Hours of Cancer (No Front Teeth) England London meets South Carolina with 2 songs each on this scorcher!

6.50 Scraps / Needle Exchange
Shoot You Dead split ep (No Front Teeth) England London meets Germany. 2 straight on punkers from each band.

NEW SHIT! : Other

3.00 Botox Rats - LP
Modern Ceasers (Meaty Beaty) Straight up ‘77 style punk killers from England. The Botox Rats feature one of the snottiest, bile spitting singers ever. Pre-The Gaggers! Colored vinyl + a digital download, Yeah!

3.00 Fist City - LP
Hunting You (Dead Beat) Female fronted post-punk debut from California. Produced by Paul from the Myelin Sheaths.

3.00 Hjertestop - LP
Vi Ses i Helvede (Hjernespind) Splendid Danish punk-melodic & catchy.

3.00 Los Monjo - LP
La vida que todos envidian (Discos MMM) Great hardcore-ish Punk from Guadalajara. Sung in Spanish and catchy as hell/

8.00 Lovesores - LP
Bubblegum Riot ep (Rapid Pulse/No Front Teeth) 10”. When The Humpers broke up, not a lot of bands came along to challenge their awesomeness. A difficult task for sure. As it turns out, monumental! Scott “Deluxe” Drake and Jeff Fieldhouse, the Mick and Keith of the Humpers, took matters into their own hands and have created a more than worthy successor: The Lovesores! They come blasting out of Portland, Oregon with this 6-song 10”. Punk RocknRoll, Jack! Don't let the bubblegum in the title fool you, this is a complete Sonic Assault!!!

3.00 Manic Attracts - LP
Eyes Wide Shut (Dead Beat) A Vancouver band with members of Dead Ghost and others, crank out some melodic and catchy songs and bash the shit out of them!

3.00 Uzi Rash - LP
Whyte Rash Time (Dead Beat) Raw bashing weirdo noise. Click their name above to check out the sounds...

5.00 Vomit Squad - LP
Amon Ra Bless America (Psychic Handshake) Canada KBD/Angry Samoans/Gizmos all come to mind at first listen to this excellent 6-song 12”. Straight ahead punk rock from King Kahn, Choyce, and others from the Spaceshits, Daylight Lovers, Sexareenos, Red Mass etc. etc. crew. Marble dark purple vinyl with lyric sheet insert.