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* = Colored Vinyl

2.00 Aerosol Burns
Afraid Of The Phone/(Your Love Is)Where I Go (Pogo Time) From the crew that brought you the great Chain Letters single from a couple of years ago comes a catchy punker featuring Matt Mayhem from the No Tomorrow Boys. A cracking debut and only 250 number copies!

2.00 Astryd Lindgren’s Great 5
ALGR5 ep (Ken Rock) Sweden BACK IN STOCK! -but very few. KBD style punk from Sweden. Includes ex-members of the Idyls. 5-tracks including a cover of Freestone’s Bummer Bitch. 225 black vinyl copies only.

3.00 Bad Coyotes
Sweet Disposition + 3 (Modern Action) Raw Punk Garage Trash. Black vinyl 177 copies.

2.00 Beaten Hearts
Red Line Gurls/Back To The Deadline + 1 (Sonic Jett) PunknRoll Outta Canada. This is their debut. Ex-Valentine Killers.

4.00 Billy Childish-Musicians of the British Empire
There Is Only Me/All That’s Spoken is Unkind (Squoodge) Austria Wild Billy with the MBE’s on the A-side and Chatham Singers on the flip. Blue vinyl 177 copies. A-side B-side

3.00 Blood Letters
S/T ep (No Front Teeth) England Anti Music For Anti People. Classic sounding KBD Texas Punk! I forget, was there a Bloodstains Across Texas? This woulda fit nicely. 6-songs.

4.00 Bold Chicken
A Fellow’s Lament/Street Walkin’ Queen + 2 (Lysergic Sound Distributors) Recorded in 1972/73, this is Buzz Clic pre-Rubber City Rebels. Very primitive, yet excellent proto-punk. Much along the same lines as the Gizmos. These tracks a rawer than the ones you’ll find on myspace (click the band name). Numbered edition of 350 copies in a jacket style sleeve.

2.00 Bon
Stupid Question/Ancient Times (Boppa Do Down) No, The Bon is not an AC/DC cover band. They are however, EXCELLENT Garage RocknRoll from Toronto! Ex-Leather Uppers, Speed Kings, Tijuana Bibles...

3.00 Born Liars
Don't Tell Me, I Know/I Don't Know Why (Ditchwater) PunknRoll from Houston, TX. The b-side is a most gritty version of a Stevie Wonder song-sadly it‘s not “Boogie On Reggae Woman” First release for this label-cool b&w sleeve, numbered edition of 300, insert.

3.00 Boys Order
Tomorrow Dancing/Danger! Danger! (Secret Mission) New Wavey Pop/Punk with plenty of loud guitars from Japan. Includes members of Prambath and Radio Shanghai.

3.00 Brandy Row
Dirty Street/The Drifter (No Front Teeth) England Gaggers member Brandy Row does the acoustic thing on The Drifter while on the flip he leads his 9-piece band The Truebadours. If No Front Teeth is putting out an acoustic record, you know it’s cool! Rare shadow figure translucent sleeve with lyric sheet insert.

3.00 Brandy Row
The Final Stand/Too Much Ain’t Enough (No Front Teeth) England I don’t have much reference for accoustic guitar and vocal records, except for Johnny Thunders and Jeff Dahl. I like their stuff and I like this too. The major differance here is the Brit accent. This is a side project for a member of the Gaggers, Hateful, the Blowouts and probably more...

2.00 Brimstone Howl
Tunnel of Love/Child of Perdition (Boom Chick) This band can't miss! 2008 release

4.00 Brix & The Extricated
Something To Lose/Faced With Time (Blang) England Debut 7” from 4 former members of The Fall + a fifth. The A-side is a total pounder featuring bass god Steve Hanley. The flip is more ethereal, but still very cool. A must for any fans of the “Brix era” of The Fall. Lp coming September '17.

2.00 Brown Brogues
Wildman (Ken Rock) Sweden BACK IN STOCK-but very few. Primitive noise bashing two-piece from the UK. 3-songs, 300 black vinyl copies.

1.00 Bruiser Queen
In Your Room/Ms. Everything (Certified PR) Punky Garage Pop two-piece from St. Louis. On Purple vinyl with download card. Check out the video for In Your Room: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2yIKyFpBUk

2.00 Buzzards
Shiver/Desperate Baby + 1 (Ziti Records) Detroit RnR from members of The Dirtys, Detroit Cobras, Fondas...

5.00 Carbonas
Lost Cause/Nineteen (Rob’s House) Live At Rob's House 2006 Black vinyl

4.00 Channel 3
Land of the Free/Make It Home ++++ (Hostage) Hostage Records does it again with the return of the legendary CH3! A 2-song 7” with a bonus 7/8-song California Driver’s License/Download. Everthing you could want from CH3: Punk rippers, singalong choruses and the return of Maria Montoya (You Make Me Feel Cheap) on an awesome Sonny & Cher cover! These could be the last copies you’ll find as the label is sold out!

4.00 Cold Callers
Alright Girl/Spying On Me (Wanda) Germany Didn’t see any good links to these guys, but they’re another in a endless line of Gaggers offshoots. This time out a more pop sound, but you can only get so pop with Marco’s vocals.

2.00 Complaints*
*No Action (Modern Action) BACK IN STOCK!!! Single #4 from the Complaints* and it's another killer! S.F. garage PunknRoll. This is a 6-song, 33 rpm 7”. No Action is not a Elvis Costello cover, but Cranked Up Really High is Slaughter & The Dogs. On Modern Action, so you know it will be gone sooner than later...

3.00 Complaints*
*Falling Down (Complaints* Records & Tapes) BACK IN STOCK!!! Single #3. 250 numbered copies. 3-songs. That’s it.

5.00 Cops
Premonitions ep (Rob’s House) Gentleman Jesse & GG King back together for some straight on Punk Rock like the Carbonas used to do it or maybe even better?!

5.00 Crazy Squeeze
Younger Girl/Terminal Love (Rapid Pulse/No Front Teeth) The long promised 2nd single from the Crazy Squeeze is finally available! The A-side is from their self-titled album and the B-side is a non-lp cover of The Boys classic Terminal Love featuring none other than The Boys guitarist Honest John Plain! Classroom cartoon sleeve is the black vinyl. Check it out on the Rapid Pulse Page

3.00 Crisis Hotlines
A.R.T.I.F.I.C.I.A.L. + 3 (Ken Rock) Sweden Nothing against today’s noise merchants, but I love it when I hear a band that I can’t label as anything other than Punk Rock. Following a long tradition of great Austin bands come the debut from Crisis Hotline. High Energy, Fast, Melodic, & Mean.

3.00 Cute Lepers
No Escape/Black Market Lepers 00 (No Front Teeth) England New Lepers is pretty much the same as old Lepers-Great! 2nd press on Lime green vinyl.

1.00 Cyclops
Eye Can’t Take It + 2 (Bachelor) Austria Tina Bobbyteen/Trashwomen etc and Jonny Cat from the Triggers/Chemicals do the 2-piece guitar and drums thing.Numbered edition of 500 copies.

4.00 D.O.A.
Fucked Up Donald + 1/Not Gonna Take Your Crap No More (Sudden Death) Canada Back In Stock! First there was Fucked Up Baby, then there was Fucked Up Ronnie and now Fucked Up Donald! 3 trax on limited red vinyl. The real killer here is Not Gonna Take Your Crap No More-D.O.A. at their best! Also includes The Cops Shot A Kid.

2.00 Dagger Dicks
Sharp For You/Razor Sharp Love (Meaty Beaty) I couldn’t find a myspace page for them, but for some strange reason they sound almost exactly like The Gaggers, Botox Rats, Shanghai Wires, & Disco Lepers-only with a slight bit of powerpop injected. I do mean slight. Killer Snotty Punk Rock! Lime green vinyl with insert in a very cool jacket style sleeve.

2.00 Damage
Energy ep (No Front Teeth) England Swedish 80’s style hard. Bile spewing, yet fairly melodic. 6-songs.

2.00 Day Creeper
Raging Beast ep (self-released) Pretty straight up punknroll. Check out their bandcamp: http://daycreeper.bandcamp.com/album/raging-beast-ep

4.00 DD Owen & Shitty Life
Nobody Cares/Too Much/Same Old Shit (Goodbye Boozy) Italy Killer Raw Italian trash-punk. 2nd pressing of 200 copies.

1.00 Dead Ringers
It sounds loud and fast to me, it must be Dead Ringers (Gimme Danger) Four songs of Stitches-esque snot-punk, perhaps a notch or two faster. Blue vinyl in jacket style sleeve.

3.00 Derek Lyn Plastic
Wombat Juice ep (NMG) Another typically great 4-songer from DLP! White vinyl.

3.00 Derek Lyn Plastic
Life And Death (Certified PR) It seems like it’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Mr. Plastic and this is certainly worth the wait. 300 copies only.

3.00 Devious Ones
Djarum Summers/Court Clothes (No Front Teeth) England Great stuff from Detroit! Melodic punk with some powerpop influences.

2.00 DIALS
School Girl/Nervous (Secret Mission) Co-release with Mangrove in Japan, so only 200 of these made it to the States. Japanese garage RnR. Yes, they just may have heard a Teengenerate or Registrators record or two.

2.00 Digital Leather
Power Surge/Shattered Reflections (FDH) Very cool mid-eighties UK sound on this one.

5.00 Evil Twin
Back In The Alley/Let’s Go Out (Evil Tone) Australia Scorching Garage Punk RocknRoll debut from Australia. 150 self-released copies! How many are for sale in the U.S.? Probably just the few I have. 45 rpms and a big hole. Don’t miss it!

4.00 Fashionism
Back In The Day/One Shot (Neon Taste) I believe this is the fourth single for Fashionism an of course it's another gem! Two shots of Mod-Pop perfection!

3.00 Fast Takers
She’s Goin’ Crazy + 3 (Skygoat) Back in stock. Pre-Lovesores! Absolutely Killer PunknRoll from the very fertile land of Portland, Oregon. 300 copies.

2.00 Flip-Tops
Dangerous Game/Looks So Scarey + TV Love (Plastic Idol) Punk RnR from PDX -you know you love it. Blue vinyl

2.00 Fontana
Not A Leg To Stand On/Miss Calhoun (Milk n’ Herpes) Fierce Punk/Core from Detroit. 300 copies.

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