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In a shocking development, we’ve actually updated this page! It’s not 100% yet, but we’re getting close. Are you strapped in? Do you have your helmet on? It looks to be a big summer, starting off in mid June with our second 7" from The Crazy Squeeze and followed shortly thereafter with a 7" from The Junk featuring the debut of their new singer, Riky (sic) Barnes from the legendary Pushers! At least one more big one is cooking for August.


Without You/Gag On This - I guess I might as well hang it up now as the one band I’ve wanted since before I even started the label is now in the Rapid Pulse fold - The Stitches! And better yet, I couldn’t have hope for a better track than the killer Without You. Explosive punk rock in the classic Stitches style! Topping it of is one of the best bands around today, London’s The Gaggers. Yellow sleeve is the black vinyl, colored vinyl is in blue.

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$6.00/$7.50 via underground medicine

RP AtAll 37 : THE JUNK

Society & The Robot/The Patch - Killer Southern California Punk Rock featuring three members of the legendary Smut Peddlers! This is their third single and first featuring new lead singer Riky Barnes-best known as the former lead singer of The Pushers. Only 300 copies so don’t miss out!

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$5.00 via underground medicine


Younger Girl/Terminal Love - The long promised 2nd single from the Crazy Squeeze is finally available! The A-side is from their self-titled album and the B-side is a non-lp cover of The Boys classic Terminal Love featuring none other than The Boys guitarist Honest John Plain! Classroom sleeve is the black vinyl, Cellophane Ape sleeve is limited white vinyl.

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$5.00/$6.00 via underground medicine


Bubblegum Riot 10" EP - When The Humpers broke up, not a lot of bands came along to challenge their awesomeness. A difficult task for sure. As it turns out, monumental! Scott “Deluxe” Drake and Jeff Fieldhouse, the Mick and Keith of the Humpers, took matters into their own hands and have created a more than worthy successor: The Lovesores! They come blasting out of Portland, Oregon with this 6-song 10". Punk RocknRoll, Jack! Don't let the bubblegum in the title fool you, this is a complete Sonic Assault!!! 500 copies on black vinyl. The 1st 100 are in a special cellophane sleeve (sold out).

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youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=kazuScx_Mio
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$9.00 via underground medicine


Animal Eyes/(You Gotta) Romeo It + Hang On Baby - The Bastard sons of Gene Vincent and the Fabulous Andy G! Throw in some Cramps and you got some hepped-up, greased-up, stripped-down, adrenalized, leather jacketed RocknRoll! From Portland, OR, this is their 2nd 7" Incudes Matt Mayhem, the one dude in Young People With Faces. Mike Stax from Ugly Things magazine says “Best punk rock & roll record I’ve heard in ages! Tremendous stuff!” 500 copies: 100 on red vinyl in cellophane sleeve. 400 on black in regular sleeve. 4 Test pressings exist.

youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=TWMjDMxPim4
facebook: facebook.com/thenotomorrowboys

$4.50/$5.00 via underground medicine


Small Species/Tonight - Debut 7" from these Brits. Includes members of Johnny Throttle, The Blowouts, and Ten O Sevens, so you know exactly what you’re getting - Melodic ‘77 punk in line with Slaughter And The Dogs, Chelsea and a shot of Radio Birdman. 400 copies: 300 on black vinyl and regular sleeve. 100 on red vinyl in cellophane sleeeve. 4 test pressings exist.

youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=fLD2GtZgH08
facebook: facebook.com/therickycquartet

$4.50/$5.00 via underground medicine


II : Knife + Mommi I’m A Misfit/S.Y.F.A.T.B. + Met A Girl - The guys from the Radio Reelers and a hundred other bands including Adam from Rapid Pulse Alums The Shrinks and Trust Fund Babies. 4 songs of snotty old aussie-style punk rock that will kick your teeth out. This is their second 7". 3 originals and a cover of upstate New York’s Misfits. See You Fucks At The Bar! 500 copies on black vinyl in 3 different sleeves.

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$4.50/$5.00 via underground medicine


Gimme A Kiss/I Need A Witness (Cock Sparrer) - The highly anticipated debut release from The Crazy Squeeze! Right now they're best known as being Johnny Witmer of the Stitches’ side project, but they’re so much more than that. All 4 guys have been around the block. Frankie Delmane with the Teenage Frames, Chris B. with the Richmond Sluts and original Stitches drummer Johnny Sleeper - also of Superbees fame. Put ‘em all together and you get Dirty, Sweaty, RocknRoll Action! The A-side Gimme A Kiss is a super melodic, catchy smash hit that will bring to mind such greats as The Boys and The Zeros. The flip is a storming cover of an early Cock Sparrer tune - Pub Rock at its finest! 550 copies. 1st press is 100 copies on blue vinyl in a special cellophane sleeve and 300 copies black vinyl in the blue cartoon sleeve. 2nd press is 150 copies on red vinyl split between two sleeves: red cartoon and a second cellophane sleeve. 21 test pressings also exist.

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Released November 2011. OUT OF PRINT

RP AtAll 31 : THE PEGS

Nobody’s Listening Anyway EP: Ricky Don’t Surf/Phoney Tough + I’m Number One - The return of The Pegs! A California Beach Punk Riot! 400 copies. The first 100 are on clear vinyl with a fancy alt sleeve. The next 300 are black with the regular sleeve (Very few left!). There were 21 test pressings made.

youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=_Af9qIpts9k
facebook: facebook.com/thepegs

$4.50 via underground medicine


Fix Me Up/Got No Time + Blow The Bank - Super snotty 77 style Punk from England! The debut release from this London trio. For fans of ‘77 UK Punk, The Stitches, Botox Rats, Shanghai Wires, Disco Lepers... Two Fingers Down Your Throat Punk Rock!!! 500 copies. 200 black vinyl and 100 copy split color vinyl (blue/clear) first press. 200 white vinyl copies in two different sleeves (100 each) second press. Plus 8 (?) test pressings

facebook: facebook.com/pages/ThE-GaGgErS/135749029825516

Released December 2009. OUT OF PRINT


Trite Ditties and Meaningless Crap - Pelado first released this album on CD back in 2003. We meant to put out the vinyl version back when we did the Young People With Faces LP, but never quite got around to it. After giving the test pressings another listen, we decided this album had to exist on vinyl, so here it is! To quote Saint Joseph, “Snotty punk/pop group blast through the wall... like in those Hawaiian Punch commercials... Total 1977 punk rock. Punchy, deadly infectious to the cerebral cortex.” Pressing is limited, so snatch it up before it’s gone...

website: www.sleazies.com
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myspace: myspace.com/sleazies

$9.00 via underground medicine


S/T - After 6 long years who or what could possibly make us want to put out another lp? It couldn’t possibly be four high school from Idaho, could it? Damn straight it is! Though they’ve since all graduated, the youthful entusiasm of YPWF (3 female, 1 male) is so infectious, we feel like we can take over the world! Of course a shit load of cool songs doesn’t hurt either. That’s why we’re so proud to present their debut lp (previously available only on cd-they released it themselves). Yes they’ve got all the right influences, bands whose heyday’s were over a decade or so before these Peeps were even born. What they do best is take the spirit of those influences and create something all their own. 14 tracks of Punk Rock bliss!

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myspace: myspace.com/youngpeoplewithfaces

$5.00 via underground medicine


‘56 Jewel + Shake It Up ‘N Move/Rock ‘N Cruise + Loose Lucy - Charging outta France with their 3rd 7" of blasting Punk RocknRoll! They include a “Famous American Star” in Jon Von of Rip Offs/MTX fame, as well as members and former members of great French bands like No-Talents, Creteens, Real Gone Daddies, and Dragueurs. Catchy songs with a nice touch of 50’s influence with the energy cranked up really high! Four songs, four guys, four bucks, for fucks sake just buy it!

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website: www.fourslicks.com
myspace: myspace.com/thefourslicks

$2.00 via underground medicine

NYC-CD1 : Let’s Have Some God Damn Fun!

New York City 2005 - The long threatened Rapid Pulse cd comp is out now! 16 new and unreleased tracks from 16 bands:
 1 Andy G. & The Roller Kings-Party Shoes  Imagine if Buddy Holly came out of Max’s Kansas City!
 2 The Plungers-Laughing Boy  Rippin' punker from longtime NYC lasses
 3 The Stags-Give It Up  Killer PunknRoll. Their first release
 4 Little Killers-Annie Can Ya Keep a Secret?  One of the best bands anywhere!
 5 DC Snipers-Evil  Their first release since the split single, more destruction
 6 The Yams-I Was Drunk When I Met Ya  Angry Samoans meets garage -their first release
 7 The Swaggerts-Baby Come Back Home  New Haven garage rock
 8 The Weekenders-Lost Weekend  Punked up garage pop
 9 The Sleazies-Wild Turkey Is Not A Meat  First new thing in awhile and it smokes!
10 Shop Fronts-Watchin’ You  Female/male vocals on this scalder
11 The Shemps-Don’t Come Beggin’  Snotty Punk with a supercool organ
12 The Disruptors-True Denial  RnR Glam Trash! Their first release
13 Electric Shadows-Secret Affair  Boys/Exploding Hearts style glam pop -their first release
14 Some Action-Double Cross My Heart  Total stunner! Soooo good...
15 Mob Stereo-Fuschia  Fuzzed-out pop with female vocals
16 World War IX-Treasure Hunt   Think "Slip It In" era Black Flag only way better!

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$5.00 via underground medicine


Don’t Quit/Frustration + Just Don’t Know - The individual members come from across the country, but Shop Fronts call Brooklyn, NY home. They’re former members of a lot of ther bands, but we don’t care about that. No bullshit straight on Punk Rock is all we care about and that’s exactly what Shop Fronts deliver. These three tracks are just the tip of the iceberg. They have lots more where these come from. 701 copies: 500 black vinyl, 100 blue numbered, 101 green numbered.

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myspace: myspace.com/shopfronts

Released June, 2005. OUT OF PRINT


Goin’ Down On You/The Bitch - The Dummies moved to NYC in 1996, shortly after recording their full length debut on Get Hip. Months later, the band decided they hated the way their ambitiously recorded album ended up being produced. They then got lean, mean, yet remained unclean, aiming for a heavier sound. Sgt 6 took over all guitar duties, while Subarton hopped over to bass... his original weapon of choice. As a three piece, the band changed their name to the Sgt 6 Assault to drop the sloppy garage moniker/stigma. Their goal: create the sound of true drug-addled, hate-inspired, precision punk rock in the form of one minute tunes... the sound that began echoing within the minds of these once-rural-now-urban transplantees. They first released a 5 song 7" EP through their own label, 007 Records; uncorked the second as a limited issue, one-sided jukebox single; then cut a tune for Philadelphia’s Carbon 14 Magazine. For their fourth release, the Assault recorded 2 cuts just prior to their collapse. Originally intended for Bag of Hammers Records, this never came to fruition. Years later, we rectify the situation, seeing that the public finally get to consume this last effort. Recorded in Brooklyn 1997- “Goin’ Down On You” is one minute twelve seconds of fierce garagePUNK and the flip is a blazing cover of the Slaughter and the Dogs classic! 500 copies-all black vinyl.

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Released October, 2003. OUT OF PRINT


You’re So Selfish + You Wreck Me + Don’t Talk To Me - From San Francisco, California comes the second single from one of the hottest bands on the west coast-DEADLY WEAPONS. Led by former Trashwoman, current Bobbyteens singer Tina Lucchesi on vocals, the band features two chicks and two dudes blasting out the fast and mean Punk Rock! 20 years ago this woulda been called hardcore and they coulda matched up perfectly with The Lewd or VKTMS... Two originals and a cover of one of GG Allin’s best tracks from his early days, the classic- “Don’t Talk To Me”. Super cool full-color sleeve. 800 copies: 100 white vinyl, 700 black.

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Released October 1, 2003. OUT OF PRINT


Gonna Operate On Myself/Airpockets in my Brain - Debut release from this high energy trio outta Providence, Rhode Island. Super catchy and melodic, yet rotten and trashy Punk Rock. In a few months these guys should easily be as popular as anything from the Portland, Seattle or Sacramento scenes and deservedly so! Full color “jacket” style sleeve with insert/lyric sheet. 800 copies: 100 red vinyl, 700 black.

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website: www.sleazies.com
facebook: facebook.com/sleazies
myspace: myspace.com/sleazies

Released June, 2003. OUT OF PRINT (but if you’re really nice, you can probably get it from the band)


Nikki Corvette, the power pop princess who started it all, is back with her first release since the 1980 Nikki and the Corvettes album that skyrocketed her to modern cult status. Together with producer/songwriter Travis Ramin (The Short Fuses, Candygirl, Tina & the Total Babes) Nikki delivers a huge rock and roll punch that is right up there along side all of the girls and bands of today she has inspired.

“Love Me” has a great upbeat feel with hints of her fellow native Detroiters, The Romantics, in a classic Corvette style, as well a taste of The Beat and Beatles. But, what’s most important here is the sugary sweetness of Nikki’s bubblegum perfect voice sprinkled on top. “What’s On My Mind” is a blistering punk rock‘n’roll rave up, the Ramones would have loved to have had on Rocket To Russia.

Both tunes have infectious rhythms and choruses.You can’t help but to jump up, dance and sing along. All of your crusin’, drinkin’, and teenage fantasies will come true! 1500 copies: 100 pink vinyl, 1400 black.

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myspace: myspace.com/nikkiandthecorvettes

Released March, 2003. OUT OF PRINT

RP AtAll 22 and 23 : THE INVERSIONS

Vile snot and bile from the throat of Kevin McGovern, the former “singer” of The Prostitutes. All the Drugs, Sex, Decadence, Drugs, Death, Attitude, and Drugs of his former band with a touch more of a garage punk sound. Now based in Columbus, Ohio, these 2 singles will hopefully be the first of many recordings from Kevin and his new crew. Hung By The Phone: 300 black vinyl copies; Domestic Disturbance: 300 copies - one hundred each on red, white, and blue vinyl. They were supposed to be black, but somehow the pressing plant screwed up and they came out colored...

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myspace: myspace.com/thefuckinprostitutes

Released March, 2003. OUT OF PRINT


Ruby Gloom/Recipe For Disaster - Aptly named, The Saviors are the result of Hitlist magazine’s own Burntout Recluse, Dimitri Monroe, teaming up with old pal and New York guitar-about-town, Brian Morgan. The sermon: gin-soaked rock‘n’roll ain’t dead, ya just have to know where to look for it. With big hooks, cigarette-scorched vocals, an avalanche of Les Pauls, and a band of hard hitting Ohio punk vets providing a rock solid foundation, these two tales of doomed romance, bad living, and bad livers keep the spirit of Hanoi/Heartbreakers alive and kicking in the teeth of today’s musical mediocrity. 500 copies: 100 light blue, 400 black vinyl.

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myspace: myspace.com/thesaviorsarenotreal

Released December, 2002. OUT OF PRINT

RP AtAll 20 : BARSE

If record sales are any indication, not many people care about authentic sounding original British style punk rock anymore. Well we still do. Infact we crave it! Trends may come and go, but for us it all goes back to ‘77 England. After releasing two Pits singles we figured that someone else has to be out there still kicking up a racket. We found ‘em: Barse. Formally known as Barse 77, they dropped the 77 from their name, but not their sound! Hailing from Durham, England they have all the sound, style, and most importantly, attitude of the class of ‘77 without sounding the least bit dated. While catchy and melodic like the Buzzcocks and tough like Slaughter and the Dogs, they really can’t be compared to any one band. They are Barse! This is their first vinyl after a CD in 2001. 400 copies: 100 clear vinyl, 300 black

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myspace: myspace.com/barsefilth

Released October, 2002. OUT OF PRINT


Four Last Blasts - Here it is! The final single from this Swedish 3-piece. 4 rippin’ cuts of Devil Dogs style punknroll! Limited to 300 numbered copies (100 each on red, white, and blue vinyl). Awesome full color pornstar sleeve! She’s in a stars and stripes bikini for you American patriots. Buy all three colors for the bargain price of um... $15.00. No discounts on this one, only a couple of promos are going out. 2nd pressing was 200 copies black vinyl.

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Released December, 2002. OUT OF PRINT


No Time For You ep - Debut 7" from this PunkRocknRoll 3-piece from Virginia. Produced by Steve Baise at his Steveland studio. Led by the legend in his own mind Sambone Motherfucker, formally of Big Bobby and the Nightcaps. This 3-song record pumps thru the same vein as the New York Dolls, Devil Dogs, and the Mullens. 600 copies (possibly more) on clear, black and green vinyl.

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myspace: myspace.com/thehorehounds

Released June, 1, 2002. OUT OF PRINT


Everything (Looks Like Her) / Living On A Memory - Great new band featuring Mighty Joe Vincent and Crazy Stevie Baise from the Devil Dogs! Pure Powerpop with a 70’s punk edge. Kinda like a supercharged Plimsouls or Real Kids. This debut 7" has 2 brilliant songs with killer hooks! Produced by Steve Baise at his Steveland studio. Full colour sleeve.

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Very last copies: $4.00 via underground medicine

RP AtAll 16 : THE PITS

My Belief In Ruins / Your Violence is Sinister - The second Rapid Pulse release from one of England’s only real punk bands. “Real” meaning they are not hardcore, streetpunk, skapunk, metalpunk or anything else. They play genuine ‘77 mid-tempo anthemic British Punk Rock like Chelsea, Slaughter and the Dogs, and the Sex Pistols. They have played all the major punk festivals in England - Holidays in the Sun, etc. and have just released their 2nd full length CD. 400 copies: 100 blue vinyl, 300 black

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myspace: myspace.com/thepitsuk

Released June 1, 2002. OUT OF PRINT


After producing some of the finest rock ’n’ roll in recent memory, Detroit has outdone itself. Combine the fierce guitar assault of the Metros with the patented Pirhanas’ attack, then tack on the razor-edged vocals of the Murder City Wrecks. Throw in the rhythm section from the Sights (Detroit’s tightest mod combo), and the results are astounding. Realize that this is not idle name dropping, but the band’s actual line-up. Detroit’s best debut with an impressive three song EP, featuring two top-shelf originals and one unrelenting cover (a killer version of “Train Kept A-Rollin”). Whether it’s the Keith Moon-esque drumming, the amazing running bass lines, the biting guitar interplay, the powerful vocals, or simply the songs themselves, this record WILL grab you and it won’t let up. Don’t waste time on records with nothing in the tank: this is the real thing. The first 100 copies were on green vinyl and the next 400 were black. Thou the sales didn’t show it, this is often considered the best Rapid Pulse release. It’s Debbie’s and Sleazie website guy Jami’s favourite as well as a bunch of reviewers and other fans.

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Released August 1, 2001. OUT OF PRINT

RP AtAll 14 : THE PITS

Introducing My New High/National Anthem -The most authentic sounding ‘77 style Brit punk you will ever hear! These guys got the Brit part down-they are from Sunderland in England, but this is 2001 isn’t it? It’s a bit tough to tell by listening to the record. Their songs are anthemic and mid-tempo like say Chelsea, but they really scream SEX PISTOLS! Jerome is a real singer though, no Lydon wannabe. Both of these songs are from their debut cd, but that doesn’t matter since you’ve probably never even seen it. The first 100 copies were on white vinyl and the next 400 were black. Do yourself, and me, a favour and pick up a few -or twenty...

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See also RP AtAll 16

myspace: myspace.com/thepitsuk

Released March 1, 2001. OUT OF PRINT


Nowhere To Live ep - Back to San Francisco for single #13. This features Adam and Neale from the Trust Fund Babies and Mundo from the Workin’ Stiffs. They spit out 4 scorchers that sound very similar to TFB - that means they’re great!! The first 100 copies were on red vinyl and the next 400 were black. Another band that broke up way too soon. They probably never made it out of S.F. Their second and final single is available on Radio records. On to the Radio Reelers...

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Released November 2000. OUT OF PRINT


Stop Me Before I Kill Again/Walk Away - This one may be my favourite relase so far! From Austin, Texas these guys have been in the Motards, Bulemics, Secret Lovers, Los Tigres Guapos and more. The Ritchie Whites are the best of the bunch! With more of a punk rocknroll sound than their former bands; The R. W.’s blast out a slow punk stormer on the A-side and follow it up with a hook filled killer on the flip. The first 100 copies were on cream coloured vinyl and the next 400 were black. No, it’s not some Aryian Nation bullshit. They got their name from the supercool 80’s Teen/J.D. flick “Over The Edge” -Matt Dillon’s first movie. Lyric sheet enclosed. Look for their debut 7" on Pelado Records and lp on TKO-both killers!

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myspace: myspace.com/theritchiewhitestheband

Released December 2000. OUT OF PRINT


Pimps R.I.P. ep. Their name has changed, but that’s it. 4-songs of old school punk rock. They still have not broken the 2 minute mark with any of their songs. That doesn’t leave much time for guitar solos! More amazing lyrics. Sing along with such family fare as “Park That Ass” and the hit single “Fist Fuckers From Hell” - words included. Cool graveyard sleeve done by the artist Spine.

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website: www.thestrap-ons.com
myspace: www.myspace.com/strapons

Released 12/1/00. OUT OF PRINT


Can’t Trust Me + 2 - From San Francisco. Total ‘77 Punk Rock that would be at home on the Rip Off label, but we got ‘em! The first 100 copies were on red vinyl and we lost track of exactly how many black ones there were. It’s problably about 800 to 900. The pressing plant accidently pressed a couple of hundred extra and charged us like 10 cents apiece for them. Ex-members of the Spites & Shifters. They broke up way too soon - never toured. Members went on to the Shrinks and Radio Reelers. Their 2nd single was on Radio Records and they did an LP for us - see below.

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myspace: myspace.com/trustfundbabiess

Released October 1999. OUT OF PRINT


Wicca Chicka EP - From Virginia Beach, VA. Maximum RocknRoll raved about their first single and this one blows the doors off that. Super snotty & rude ‘77 punkers. 4-songs, the longest clocking in at 1 minute 30 secs. Another bunch of cool people that are a pleasure to work with. Unlike most of our bands, they actually tour and promote themselves! Now known as the Strap-Ons. See also RP AtAll 11

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website: www.thestrap-ons.com
myspace: myspace.com/strapons

Released August 1st, 1999. OUT OF PRINT


Play The Fool / Kiss Me - This is Mike Spent ex-Spent Idols side project. ‘77 punk rock in the same vein as the best Spent Idols records. Mike is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, so we are happy to have released this for that reason alone. The band is Mike singing for Florida’s Dead End Kids. The B-side includes female vocals. The first 100 copies were on redish/pinkish vinyl and the next 500 were black. They have a 2nd single on Germany’s Incognito Records.

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myspace: myspace.com/spentidols

Released September 1, 1999. OUT OF PRINT


Got Into A Fight In Special Ed (and the Retard’s winning) / So Glad I Don’t Care About You - The 2nd single from this 3 piece outta Providence, RI. Fast, yet catchy as hell. Would’ve fit perfectly on an old Rodney on the Roq comp between the Simpletones and Ill Repute. Sadly, the band called it quits. The final show was fittingly with the Real Kids. The first 100 copies were on yellow vinyl and the next 500 were black. The original sleeves were glued, the next batch were foldovers. They only did one other single besides this one-on Baby Doll Records. Both should be snapped up so when Teenage Treats #42 comes out you can puff up your chest and say “Hey, I got the originals!”

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myspace: myspace.com/thedoublenuthins

Released September 1, 1999. OUT OF PRINT


Gotta Go / Almost There + Done It Wrong (as usual) - Lofi sixties garage girl punk from London, England. Shane White’s favourite band! - well, maybe not. Everyone else really digs ‘em though. This is their third (and final?) single; first U.S. Contains 2 originals and a ragin’ cover of the Turtles-Almost There. The first 100 copies were on white vinyl and are long gone. Singer Tina now leads the Suicide Milkshakes, drummer Lois is in the brilliant Embrooks, guitarist Domi is the singer of the Sires, and bass player Jacqui is in Penthouse magazine. The first 100 copies were on white vinyl, the next 600 on black.

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myspace: myspace.com/users443781

Released May 1st, 1999. OUT OF PRINT


Swingin’ Bombs / Go Away + Na Na Na - 3 more songs from the same session as the Hey Mofo single. More rave reviews for this one. The best punk band from Brazil since... um... a... The best punk band from Brazil period! The first 100 copies came on green vinyl in a green sleeve. The next 400 were on black vinyl in a B&W sleeve. They have released 2 other 45’s and a 10" on various European labels and they’re all killer!

myspace: myspace.com/selloutsbrazil

Released February 1, 1999. OUT OF PRINT


Hey Mofo! / I Wanna Puke Like Milton - Our first trip outta Europe brings us to the land of the thong-Brazil. Two fierce blasts of garage punk! The emphasis is definetely on the PUNK. Raw & Snotty! MRR, Hitlist, No Wave, and others love it. 1st press was 300 copies on black vinyl. 2nd press was also 300 copies. This time on clear vinyl with a different sleeve. One of the coolest bands we’ve worked with. Marky Sellout rules!!!!

myspace: myspace.com/selloutsbrazil

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Released November 1, 1998. OUT OF PRINT

RP AtAll 3 : BINGO / Thee S.T.P.

Split single. Both bands are from Italy. Bingo are rude and dirty types that resemble The Damned meets Killed By Death. Thee S.T.P. have more of a RocknRoll feel ala the Humpers, but are still way punk. Released June 1, 1998. 600 copies only. The first 300 came with a bonus numbered one-sided 7" (rp AtAll 3.5) with a 3rd cut from each band. This was one of the cooler things we’ve done with the numbering hand-written on the blank side of the extra single in white ink.

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Dissuaders myspace: myspace.com/dissuaders

Thee S.T.P. myspace: myspace.com/myspace.com/theestp

Released June 1st, 1998. OUT OF PRINT


It’s All Right/Happy Girl - From Norway, these cats crank out a great Ramones style punker on the A-side and back it up with pure power pop on the flip. This was their only U.S. release and their final recording after many stellar discs overseas. Released November 1, 1997. The first 100 were on blue vinyl. The next 800 were black. Members have moved on to the excellent Nuggets.

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myspace: myspace.com/basementbrats

Released December 1st, 1997. OUT OF PRINT
(This is the only one of our releases that Tim Yohannan got to review before passing.)


Local Heroes EP - Our first release and still one of our favourites! 3 songs of melodic ‘77 Brit punk! From England, these guys have been compared to everything from the Abrasive Wheels to the Only Ones. I put them in a similar class as the Lurkers. The first 100 copies were on red vinyl and the next 900 on black. Josh Rutledge’s “No Wave” zine called it the number one single of ‘97!


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myspace: myspace.com/apocalypsebabysofficial

Released August 1997. OUT OF PRINT


S/T - Our first and to this point only full length release. A San Francisco Punk Rock Explosion! Their first and last LP. 12 new punkers not on their singles, but still spinning at 45 shit hot rpms. The first 100 copies were on blue vinyl and the next 1000 on black. Easily one of the best LPs of 2000. 20 years down the line if anyone still makes KBD type comps they’ll be diggin’ deep into this one. Vinyl only, no CD. They called it quits shortly after this was released (that’s what you get for having smart people in your band!), but their legacy lives on.

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myspace: myspace.com/trustfundbabiess

Released March 2000. OUT OF PRINT